We customize

Prohart is able to customize and personalize most disposable products. For Prohart, customization means printing your brand or logos on individual products or packages to identify them as your own!

In addition, thanks to the great flexibility of the design and research and development team, at Prohart we are able to customize the type and dimensions of the packaging, as well as the format of all our disposable products.

This makes all disposable products perfect for the medical, aesthetic and beauty sectors, as well as for those running mass retail chains.

For Prohart, a fundamental aspect is the cooperation we are able to achieve with our distributors both in Greece and abroad which we consider more than just customers but rather partners in the search for unique products that stand out in the market for their uniqueness. and high quality.

1. Customize of your logo

2. Label Deisgn

3. Product Selection

4. Personalized Production