Prohart:Who we are…

Processing of stationery & plastic products specializing in production.

Prohart Paper is a modern paper production and processing unit. Initially, the company started with its founder and founder, K. Prokopiou Georgios. Over time, technology evolved and consumer needs increased. These needs pushed our company in the field of Medicine and in combination with many years of experience and know-how in paper processing and production, began the specialization in the production of Medical Roles and Medical Consumables. Thus, we reach today where Prohart is the only one in Northern Greece and one of the largest companies, specializing in the production of Medical Roles and Medical Consumables. Using A ‘Materials of exceptional quality, we also serve the most demanding customer, since we have state-of-the-art machines that can meet all expectations.

The packaging

In recent years, our company has also entered the field of Packaging . With products such as Stretch Film, Aeroplast, Plastic Food Packing Bins, PET Bottles and a variety of other products, we serve customers in the field of Food Packaging and Industrial Packaging. With a wide range of products, A ‘quality and immediate service, we offer solutions for every customer of the aforementioned sectors.


Cleanliness is one of the most important areas in any space. So our company deals with the cleaning sector with everyday products for all areas but also specifically for the areas of the Clinics and the areas of the Catering.


Customer needs have no borders, so do we. With exports to 5 Balkan countries and the ability to ship worldwide, our company serves hundreds of customers daily. With two stores in central parts of the city (Central: VIPETH Sindou OT 56, Branch: Athonos Square, 15 Balanou Street, Thessaloniki) and with a large distribution network throughout Greece we can directly serve any customer.

All about personalised products...